June 24, 2024

VP leaves an open chance of having Renato Augusto on the pitch against Corinthians against Flamengo

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VP leaves an open chance of having Renato Augusto on the pitch against Corinthians against Flamengo

Coach Vitor Pereira left the door open to the possibility of relying on the return of midfielder Renato Augusto in the match against Flamengo, on Tuesday, at the New Coimica Arena, in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Libertadores da America. According to him, the number 8 should conduct a training with his teammates to see if he can at least consolidate the list of related players.

“I think I already explained it, Maziotti has already made it public. He is much better, but he has not done any training with the team yet. He is in the final part of this transfer to be integrated with the team. That is why he has not been in that match yet.” . Referring to the duel against Botafogo in Itaqueira on Saturday.

As reported by VP, the club’s physiotherapist, Bruno Mazziotti, recently ramped up care with the recovery of Renato Augusto Augusto and warned of the risks in the event of an early return. Notably, the player has been off the field since June 16, when Timao beat Goias 1-0 at the New Quémica Arena.

“There is no deadline (to come back), because we are working hard with Renato so that he is in a better condition. I know the player very well, he is keen to be on the field, doing what he knows how to do, But they are injuries that we have to be a little careful about, because I could lose the athlete for the rest of the season. That’s it, the responsibility lies with me, in the sense of directing and directing the work of the athlete, “explained Mazziotti.

With two days remaining, the most likely thing is that Renato will join the team in a duel against Avey, next Saturday, in an attempt to complete the pace of being with the team at the Maracana stadium, the other Tuesday, in the return of the quarter-finals.

The captain concluded, “It was a very upsetting injury, it’s hard to recover from. It was 12 matches, but here it doesn’t take long for it to be 12 as well. Hopefully he can recover.”

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