February 26, 2024
rocked!  Flamengo announced that it sold over 1 million tokens to fans in record time all over the world

rocked! Flamengo announced that it sold over 1 million tokens to fans in record time all over the world

NS flamingo Faced with huge demand for the launch of the sale of Fan Tokens $ MENGO, which began at 10 AM this Tuesday, at a single cost of $2 (BRL 11.02). According to Socios.com, the virtual sales site, 1.5 million tokens were sold to fans, and the club celebrated the depletion in a world record time: 12 minutes.

The first wave, from 10 AM to 12 PM, was limited to $100 in MENGO Fan Tokens per user. In the second wave, scheduled for 12:00 noon, the limit was increased to 250. It should be noted that due to high demand, the “Socios.com” application caused instability and did not complete the process for some interested parties.

It is worth noting that fan codes are not cryptocurrencies, and, according to experts, it is not recommended to treat them as an investment, but as a collectible digital asset, which, in this case, will give owners the right to vote in polls, earn VIP rewards, participate in exclusive promotions, and get Get augmented reality features and participate in chats, games and competitions on the Socios.com app.

The first poll, which will be available on the Socios.com app once the FTO is over, will give Flamengo fans the opportunity to choose the message that will appear on the locker room wall at Maracanã Stadium, Flamengo’s home, for example. .

> Fan tokes: The contract stipulates a minimum guaranteed revenue of $1 million for Flamengo

In Brazil, “Socios.com”, whose community includes about 1.2 million fans around the world in its registry base, has partnerships with Atlético-MG, Corinthians and São Paulo. Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, Milan, Manchester City, Atletico Madrid, Valencia, NBA franchises and international teams are also part of the company’s team.

What else does the flamingo say

Owners of $MENGO Fan Tokens will also be able to show how much they know Mengão, and participate in the Flamengo Contest on the Socios.com app, using signed shirts and official club products.

A fan token will be enough to vote in polls and participate in all resources related to Flamengo, but the more tokens a user has, the greater their impact – the votes are multiplied by the number of tokens – and the higher the chances of winning prizes.

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Just in time: Flamengo’s contract with the company runs until the end of 2025, and Rubro-Negro announced that on the 26th of this month it will provide a new wave of sales.