February 21, 2024
Romulo Estrela beijando Camila Queiroz

Romulo Estrella’s wife talks about hot scenes

The sequel to the series “Secret Facts”, on TV Globo, made people talk. Available on Globoplay, plot Walcyr the hangman, counted in the cast with names like Camila QueirozAnd Agatha MoreiraAnd Romulus StarAnd sergio gizAnd Rainer Cadet, Among others.

Recently, Romulo Estrella’s wife, businesswoman Nelma Quaregwasi spoke about her husband’s hot scenes with Camila Queiroz in the production.

“You have no idea how attractive I am to him, how I shake with each achievement, how happy I am for the place they have occupied and what will continue to conquer. There is no place for any other feeling than admiration and joy at this time. The best thing in the world is to feel free to be, to be Check in, do what you want, and go after what’s important to you. No relationship should deprive you of it. And I have other experiences like this, experiencing both places, both of which are terrible and keep you from living and growing. I understand and find it perfectly normal the curiosity and fantasies surrounding not The potential safety of a woman and the fact that it seems impossible to do otherwise in such a situation. But this is a projection of an ingrained stereotype. At the same time, I know that we are used to living relationships in this way. I have lived and been jealous of partners in quite traditional professions. It was not the problem In the profession, it was in the person. From the beginning, it was different with us here. We make sure to show how important the other is (in actions and words), express affection without fear, respect our spaces, and allow ourselves to see the other grow in its time, without judgment. And Romulo learned a lot from this. Over time, we’ve matured as individuals And we incorporated that into our relationship. We learn to have better conversations, with more respect, while knowing how to say what we feel and want. The best thing is to direct and focus our lives and happiness on ourselves. Sometimes this is a difficult transition. It may take time, but the more you focus on your maturity, career, and gaining financial independence, the better your relationship with others will be, because you have a better relationship with yourself. I’m also building that, plus my self-confidence. I’m no better than anyone else, I’m a human being full of flaws and fears and I often need to work on believing I can build whatever I want for myself. And I chose to be with someone to lead me on this journey. The least I can do is the same for him. Do this also, for yourself, for those you love or for those who would have the privilege of occupying this place in your life. And it’s okay to revisit the agreements, to assess whether it is still worth it, whether we want to be together, a part. This feeling is good too. We don’t belong to anyone. Finally, I think it’s a good sign that you’re curious and anxious to know how I’m feeling. He signed up for doing a great job. Art plays its part: suspense. He is really amazing, beautiful and talented. I love you, Romulo,” he wrote.

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