June 3, 2023
RS records first local transmission of XQ strain of COVID, says Vucruz |  Rio Grande do Sul

RS records first local transmission of XQ strain of COVID, says Vucruz | Rio Grande do Sul

The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Vuecruz) has identified 25 cases of the XQ strain of coronavirus In Rio Grande do Sul confirmed that the state It is the first in Brazil to have local transmission of the variant. Cases were recorded between March and May.

The XQ coronavirus is a mixture of the genomes of two Omicron variant strains, BA.1 and BA.2. Isolated cases of the strain have already been recorded in Santa Catarina, São Paulo and Minas Gerais.

“Identification was established in different municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul, indicating local transmission of recombinant XQ in the state,” says Paola Resende, a researcher in the Laboratory of Respiratory Virology and Measles at the Instituto Oswaldo Cruz (IOC/Fiocruz).

According to Fiocruz, there are no indications that the virus is generating more severe cases than other variants, especially in communities with good vaccination rates and high exposure to previous infections. In Republika Srpska, less than 45% of the population is fully immunized.

Corona virus has brought surprises at every moment. Recombination can occur when a person is simultaneously infected with two strains. In this case, during the reproduction process of the virus, the genome can be assembled with pieces of the genetic code from different strains. Recombination can result in strains with greater, lower or equal spread potential to the original strains,” says the scientist.

The first cases of XQ were identified by the State Health Surveillance Center of the Rio Grande do Sul Department of Health (Cevs/SES-RS) and published in the May 24 Bulletin. Other sequencing was performed by Fiocruz, in partnership with the Central Laboratory of Public Health of Rio Grande do Sul (Lacen-RS).

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