June 14, 2024

Rubens Caribe, the actor of “Vera Frida”, dies of cancer at the age of 56

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Rubens Caribe, the actor of "Vera Frida", dies of cancer at the age of 56


Rubens Caribe became famous when he became a darling on TV Globo with his role in “Fera Ferida” in the 1990s; Died this Sunday (05)

Robbins Caribe was treated for oral cancer and died on Sunday (05)
© Reproduction / Instagram @rubenscaribeRobbins Caribe was treated for oral cancer and died on Sunday (05)

Rubens Caribe, the actor best known for his work in television and theater in the 1990s, passed away on Sunday (05). The information was officially confirmed by actress and director Mica Lens, a friend of the artist, via social networking sites, and also through the official profile of the Pepe Ferreira Prize.

Caribe was 56 years old, and according to columnist Vivito, of UOL, he had battled oral cancer. “Actor and friend Rubens Caribe passed away a few hours ago in São Paulo. A very sad day on stage”, Lament Mika on Instagram.

To date, there is no information about the aftermath and burial of Rubens Caribe.. The actor was married to musician Ricardo Severo, and he often used his social media to show his relationship and also to take a stand on political issues related to national life.

Discover the career of Rubens Caribbean

Rubens Caribe began to appear in the theater with a production of “Poetry” by Antonio Abu Jamra. Being likeable, he went on to television in such plots as Anos Rebeldes (1992), Fera Ferida (1993), Sangue do Meu Sangue (1995), Ossos do Barão (1997), Malhação (1995), Brazilian Citizen (2006) and Seven Sins (2007) and One Rose with Love (2010). His last participation in the series Invisible City on Netflix in 2021.

However, his primary focus was on the stage, as he was part of the Teatro do Ornitorrinco and participated in plays such as: Illness (Moliere), Midsummer Nights Dreams and Tamed Shrew (both by William Shakespeare), Memoirs of the Open Sea (Consuelo de Castro), Mother Courage and Her Children (Bertolt Brecht), Rocks in Pockets (Mary Jones). Also submitted to G Magazine, in a record sale issue.

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