June 18, 2024

Samsung update makes devices battery last longer

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Samsung update makes devices battery last longer

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There’s no denying it, Samsung is one of the largest and most innovative mobile device manufacturers in the world. This is because it invests in research and development of various technologies for its devices, and always introduces features that make it easier for users. Among them, one worth mentioning is the tool that makes Long lasting batteryespecially when opening heavy applications.


This Samsung feature has been talked about for a long time, ever since the introduction of the new Galaxy S23. In this sense, the tool focuses on users who use the cell phone the most, allowing the battery charger to connect only to the parts necessary for the smartphone to work during the match, preventing energy from passing through the battery and, thus, increasing its service life.

This feature has been so successful that Samsung has already implemented it in other models of the Galaxy line, such as the S21 family, those foldable mobiles that have also innovated on the market in recent years.

By the way, unlike popular updates, this technology is not implemented directly via an Android system update, but rather as an update to the Android system itself. game booster. For this reason, it is necessary to activate it manually.

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Does the battery really last?

Tech bloggers and YouTubers have already run several tests on the feature and the results are very positive. However, it is important to be careful when using it, such as using chargers with power between 25 and 45 watts. In addition, the device must have at least 20% battery. Furthermore, although the cell phone must be connected to the charger, the cell phone cannot be charged while the technology is on, preventing it from fully recharging when the game is over. However, it is an excellent tool for anyone who spends many hours playing games on their cell phone and doesn’t want their battery life to suffer.

Until then, in addition to some models of the S family, the Galaxy A73 5G also received the update. However, it is expected to be released for other devices such as Galaxy z Fold 2 and 3.

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