February 28, 2024

Santos plays poorly, but eventually equalises against São Bernardo – 01/22/2023

Santos dominated, played poorly, but drew 1-1 with São Bernardo with a late goal, on Sunday (22nd), at Primero de Mayo, for the third round of Paulistao.

  • Christian scored for Sao Bernardo, who had a great game, excelled and let the victory slip away at the end.
  • Santos equalized in the 44th minute of the second half, with an own goal by Mateus Salustiano, after a header deflected by Marcos Leonardo’s header.
  • With the tie level, Santos reached four first set points from Paulistão.
  • Despite the equalizer in the end, Bixi played poorly and angered the fans on the field and on social media.


  • “radical arbitration”: The match was delayed for four minutes due to a VAR misunderstanding. Referee Selim Chavez waited a little longer, but then warned the leaders, and the match began. In the second half, the VAR was back in action.
  • mirrored: With newcomer Messias in the starting line-up, Maicon played on the left side of defence, something that rarely happens in Santos matches. There he was, and above him, Sao Bernardo opened the scoring.
  • always behind: For the third time in a row, Santos started with a loss in Paulistao. Peixe had already left behind the scoreboard in the win over Mirasol and the defeat against Guarani.

How was the game?

Santos started the game poorly and Sao Bernardo took advantage. In the 8th minute, Vitinho found Cristian in the area, the striker swung at Maicon and dislodged Joao Paulo with a low shot into the corner.

Disorganized and far apartPeixe struggled with passing exchanges and insisted on direct contact plays, especially with Marcos Leonardo.

It defined Santos’s image in the initial stage. At around 30, Angelo started alone on the right wing and was flanked by four Sao Bernardo players, a mismatch for Santos. The team did not take any shots on goal in the first half.

Not satisfied, Oder Hellmann moved on in the first half. At 38, the coach removed the yellowish Rodrigo Fernandez and added another striker, Lucas Braga. Thus, the team returned to play with four players up front, and Mendoza returned to form the middle.

Leo Gaba extended to almost São Bernardo. Very organized and quick in transfers, he ruled the home team at the first stage. The striker almost scored the second goal with a kick from outside the area, but the ball approached the Santos goal.

Joao Paulo saved Santos on the way back from the locker rooms. In the second, the goalkeeper made a wonderful save to avoid the second goal of Sao Bernardo. Jefferson grabbed the vein from outside the area and stretched out to defend with his fingertips.

On the beam! the best in the field, Lined up, Christian dribbled as he wanted into the Santos defense and hit the crossbar with his left foot against Joao Paulo. On the rebounds, Joao Carlos scored, but was offside.

Santos finally arrived with danger in the 26th minute of the second half. After a cross from Carabajal, Messias advanced with a powerful header, and goalkeeper Alex Alves brilliantly blocked it. On the rebound, Lucas Barbosa isolated …

The target is canceled! Santos improved in the last half and reached the equalizer, but the goal was ruled out for offside. After a header deflected by Marcos Leonardo, Carabajal scored, but the ball was stopped by an assistant. The video assistant referee confirmed the appointment.

Santos is in the pool of souls. In the 44th minute of the second half, after a cross over the area, Marcos Leonardo deflected his header and defender Mateus Salustiano ended up responding.

Santos’s performance raises the fans revolution on the networks


1 x 0. Cristian put Sao Bernardo ahead at 8 in the first half. Getting a great ball into the area diagonally, he rounded defender Maicon with ease and finished with his left hand, low, in the corner, displacing Joao Paulo.

1 x 1. Santos equalized with Mateus Salustiano with an own goal in the 44th minute of the second half. After crossing the ball into the area, Marcos Leonardo deflected his header and defender Mateus Salustiano responded.

data sheet
St. Bernard 1 vs. 1 Saints

competition: Third round Paulista
Place: May 1st Stadium (Sao Bernardo do Campo SP)
date and time: Sunday (22nd), 6:30pm (from Brasilia).
Rule: Salim Chavez
Assistants: Luis Alberto Nogueira and Robson Ferreira Oliveira
Yellow cards: Alex Alves (Sao Bernardo); Rodrigo Fernandez (Santos)
Red Cards:-
Objectives: Christian (8′ in the first half); Mateus Salustiano (44 minutes into the second half)

Saint Bernard: Alex Alves Helder, Matheus Salustiano and Rafael Vaz; The Jeffersons (Alex Reynaldo), Rodrigo Souza, Vitinho Mesquita, and Arthur Henrique; Christian (Felipe Marquez), Leo Gaba and Joao Carlos (Johnny Douglas). Technical: Mario Zanardi.

the Saint: Joao Paulo, Joao Lucas, Maicon, Messias and Lucas Perez; Rodrigo Fernandez (Lucas Braga), Dodi and Sandry; Angelo (Lucas Barbosa), Mendoza (Carabajal) and Marcos Leonardo. Technical: Oder Heilmann.