June 5, 2023

Sarah Allen is the new leader after winning the edition’s eleventh race. Larissa and Fred were the most voted by the public and returned to the game


The psychologist won the test, which was in two stages; The repescados are already alive again in the game and the house now has 11 participants again

BBB 23: Sarah Allen is the new leader. Larisa and Fred are back in the game. Photo: Gshow reproduction.

Sarah Allen is the new leader of BBB 23 after winning the clone’s 11th race! In fact, two of the eliminated participants returned home the most watched in Brazil after going through the Casa do Rincontro, which collected 9 eliminated participants. Larissa and Farid were the most voted by the public with 30.86% and 25.12% respectively. And they are alive again in the game, which now has 11 participants again.

As a last resort, Bruna Griffau objected to Domitilla, who pointed her out in the last hot seat. The Hunters did not participate in the boss race and only returned to the game after winning the contention. Driving Dynamics had two stages and in doubles only the first stage. The partners had to fill a tank with a liquid, which was transferred from one partner to the next in cups.

BBB 23: Sarah Allen is the new leader. Larisa and Fred are back in the game. Photo: Gshow reproduction.

The detail is that the cups are perforated, making it difficult to transfer from one cup to another for the participant, even to reach the tank. The pair that managed to inflate and reach a small ball – which rose with the liquid – and cross it through the protective net would go to the second phase of the dynamism, which was odd.

With four pairs on the line, Sarah Allen, Ricardo, Amanda and Allen Werley went into the second leg of the dynamic. They had to find, distributed into 12 wardrobes on the set, two of them branded as the sponsor, each competitor in a wardrobe. Sarah Allen was accurate on the first two attempts and won early in the second round.

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