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Save on Pay TV: see the exchange that saves 45% - 11/06/2022 - Mercado

Save on Pay TV: see the exchange that saves 45% – 11/06/2022 – Mercado

In recent years, pay-TV operators I started offering live channels broadcasting Also online, with cheaper packages than traditional services that send the signal by cable or satellite.

The new model seeks to attract users who want to pay less and are accustomed to streaming facilities, such as being able to watch content anywhere and not having to deal with issues such as cancellation fees and signal shortages in the areas where they live.

Claro, for example, charges R$ 109.90 per month for a cable signal package, R$ 89.90 for a plan that uses Box TV and R$ 59.90 for a plan that uses an app – these prices are charged in the city from São Paulo. The three plans give access to almost the same channels, but the package cost per application is 45% lower than the cable package.

Box TV connects to the TV via the HDMI port and comes with a remote control. The service can be used at any address in Brazil that has an Internet connection, and the user can take the equipment wherever he wants, without having to notify the operator. A Box subscriber can also view the program via the application on the cell phone or on computers, in two simultaneous accesses.

The device also allows access to other streaming services, such as Netflix and HBO Max, which must be paid for separately.

Test the Box TV report for a few days. The image quality was slightly better than that offered by the old Net/Claro decoder, which had been in use for a few years. The box was connected to a 500mb broadband connection and it worked fine. In general, channels load content quickly. There were some minor breakdowns, which were resolved in a few seconds.

In the application version, the user can watch the programming on their mobile phone, computer or smart TV. If your TV is not a smart TV, you should use a device like Apple TV or Chromecast.

and DGO (DirectvGo) also offers pay-TV service over the Internet, through an app. The monthly plan costs R$89.90, has more than 70 channels and allows two simultaneous access. Sky subscribers can also access DGO.

Likewise, Claro and DGO’s channel listings include major open TV, news, sports, movies and documentaries and can receive add-ons, such as Premiere Football plans, Disney+ packages, and HBO Max.

Both services can be rented online (see more information at the end of the text). Existing Claro customers can move through it Site Or by phone 10621.

However, these plans consume data packets. wide waveYou may encounter low speed or connection barriers when accessing quotas. In general, residential fixed connections are not usually restricted, but mobile access, such as 4G and 5G, is. Watching an hour of HD programming can consume about 2GB of data.

It should be noted that an unstable Internet connection can harm your TV viewing experience, and that there may be a delay in the arrival of the signal, something that can annoy you when watching a football match for example. In a test, live Rede Globo programs arrived at the Claro Box with a delay of about a minute in relation to the free open TV signal, captured by an antenna.

Pay TV by broadcast is cheaper for two reasons: operators do not need to set up their own cable or satellite networks to transmit the signal and there is less tax burden. Traditional pay television pays ICMS (tax on the circulation of goods and services), which can be up to 18%, while broadcasting pays to the ISS (tax on services), at a rate of 0-5%.

According to ABTA (Brazilian Pay-TV Association), Brazil has 13.2 million subscribers to the service, with 50.6% via antenna, 39.3% via cable and 10.1% via other modes, including broadcast.

Abroad, the pay-TV model by streaming is also gaining strength, in the US there are already 9 million users on YouTubeTV and Hulu Live TV, which operate in this way.

Broadcast TV Payment Plans:

Via the App (5959.90 per month, no subscription fee) or Box TV (5959.90 لمدة for 3 months, then ثم89.90, there is a 399 subscription fee for new Claro customers).
Channels: more than 100.
informations: clear.com.br

via the app. R$89.90 per month,
Channels: more than 70.
informations: directvgo.com/br/home

Pluto TV
It has many free channels, including TV Cultura and RedeTV! and Record News, Smithsonian, and Comedy Central.
informations: pluto.tv