June 18, 2024

INSS pays the thirteenth salary in one lump sum in November. Who gets?

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INSS pays the thirteenth salary in one lump sum in November.  Who gets?

November started with good news for retirees, retirees and other beneficiaries of the Instituto Nacional de Seguro Social (INSS). This month, pay the amount Thirteenth salary in one share for millions of people.

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INSS currently serves about 36 million citizens, but the thirteenth salary is not paid to all of them. Check who will be discharged and who is excluded:

  • Receives: Retirement policy holders (any kind), death pension, sick pay, accident aid, and exclusion aid.
  • Does not receive: Beneficiaries of continuous cash benefit (BPC) and lifetime monthly income (RMV).

Advance and one share

A large part of the people in the pool due for the Christmas bonus had already had access to it, with the government anticipating two payments of entitlement in April and June. a Thirteenth salary INSS is traditionally paid in the second half of the year, in two installments equal to 50% of the amount each.

In November, only those who registered their Social Security benefit payroll from May onwards are eligible for transfers. The issuance will be done at once, in one lot.

The adoption of the allowance will occur with the relevant income for this month, according to the calendar issued by the municipality.

november calendar INSS

Policyholders are divided into two groups: those who earn a lowest wages It receives values ‚Äč‚Äčabove the national ground. They are paid at the end of their benefit number, regardless of the number.

Below, check all payment dates for the 13th day in one go:

An insured person who receives a minimum wage

  • Final Feature 1: 24 November;
  • Final Feature 2: 25 November;
  • Final Feature 3: November 28;
  • Final Feature 4: November 29;
  • Final Feature 5:30 November;
  • Final Feature 6: December 1st;
  • Final Bounty 7: December 2nd;
  • Final Feature 8: December 5;
  • Final Feature 9: December 6;
  • Final Feature 0: 7 Dec.

An insured who receives more than a minimum wage

  • Final Benefits 1 and 6: 1 December;
  • Final Bounty 2 and 7: December 2nd;
  • Final Bounty 3 and 8: December 5;
  • Final Bounty 4 and 9: December 6;
  • Final reward 5 and 0: 7 Dec.

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