February 27, 2024

SBT Director Explains Fiorentino’s Rejection To The Fashion Squad Team And She Responds

Fernando PellegioDirector of Technical Planning and Creativity SBTSubmit a post on the social network about to reject Isabella Fiorentino e Cause Arlindo To introduce the new season of Fashion Squad. After that, the model and former fashion consultant indicated the comment on the post by the head of the channel. Gravity returns to the air in 2022, led by Renata Kuerten e Lucas Andere.

“They say the winning team doesn’t move. The pure truth. When it was decided that we were going to return with an unprecedented season of Esquadrão da Moda, the first thing we did was call the champs Isabella Fiorentino and Arlindo Grund “, began Fernando Belligio in an Instagram post. In the recording, share a photo of the previous presenters.

The director continued, “Both were so grateful and tempted to embark on this successful adventure that since 2009 has proven to be a hit show with audiences, critics and commercials. But this pandemic has changed so much in everyone’s life. They will be no different. They have reinvented themselves and today they have Other personal and professional goals require a lot of attention and time.”

“They politely declined our invitation and I am sure heartbroken too. We can’t help but thank so much for the talent, professionalism, friendship and dedication they have had in these 12 years. We wish all the happiness in the world to both of them, making sure that the doors of SBT stay open. We will miss you but the friendship will continue In perseverance. And thanks to both of them for all these years together,” he concluded.

“I had the best moments of my life there,” Isabella Fiorentino said.

Isabella Fiorentino moved through the post, and made the point of comment, with a statement to the broadcaster. “That’s why SBT is the happiest broadcaster in the country! When we join the family, we treat each other like a real family! I lived the best moments of my life there,” the former model ensured.

“My friendship with Arlindo Grund, the butterflies in the belly of the first swarm appearance, the birth of my children (I will never forget the support you gave me at this difficult time in my life), the excitement of Ibope’s emojis, the meetings with Silvio Santos (they always left me shaky), and the entry of my sister Carol Fiorentino on Bake Off and proud to watch the most beautiful program of life and elegance every Saturday!”

She continued, “Yes, I’ve watched every episode of the episode, I’m attentive to every detail, and always think about improving every day! I love you so much! O Esquadrão has succeeded, and now I’ll be a spectator (fan) of the show. We will receive Renata Kuerten and Lucas Andere with great affection and respect, Because they’re great at what they do.”

The former presenter of Allure gave a nod to the “distinguished look” in the new season. “Wait for me to visit, huh guys? Let’s make joint custody of our fashion swarm son! Fernando Belligio, you know affectionately for you. I will always be grateful for everything you’ve done for me! I love you.”

With new bidders, the Squadron of Fashion returns in 2022

Esquadrão da Moda will have new releases on the SBT schedule next year. According to the information he found On the small screenThis attraction brings good commercial revenue to the station and its production has only been halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has made it impossible to visit stores, participants, street recordings and everything that coordination requires.

The program debuted in 2009, with Fiorentino and Grande in charge of revamping viewers’ looks. In the figure, the post receives tips from fashion consultants on how to dress stylish, have a shopping budget and meet friends and family with her revamped wardrobe.

Since the first half of 2020, Show gravity only restarts and keep stopping. The last version of the program aired in May of this year, but it was not unprecedented.