June 14, 2024

SBT’s Thiago Abravanel mocked with imitation

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SBT's Thiago Abravanel mocked with imitation

Tiago Abravanel He became a target of debauchery in the Silvio Santos program led by Patricia Abravanel. The actor was imitated by comedian Alexander Burbiton, better known as Caprito Tevez. He played a character named Thiago Abravanel, who hosted a birthday party on the show. The rant was related to The criticism leveled by the BBB 22 participant of the family Inside the most guarded house in Brazil.

At the beginning of reality the artist commented on The rejection I felt in SBT He said the station owner never went to his birthday party. To mock this fact, a cardboard doll of Silvio Santos was put on stage during Bourbiton and Patricia’s anniversaries.

It all started when the presenter “called” her nephew during the Sunday 20 show and took the opportunity to poke the rival announcer saying BBB 22 was “boring”: “Get out of there, come here! You’re wasting time. I know how to handle being there!” From this boring house and come here!”

“James, then keep saying I don’t have your phone number! You’re the one who doesn’t answer me!” He installed the radio when the impersonator accessed the program to “wash dirty clothes” with his aunt. “Auntie, I came here to meet you, because I only know you through social networks. Patty, I haven’t seen you since 33 birthdays! Where’s my grandfather?” said the comedian. He imitated the behavior of the actor and even the habit of sucking his thumb.

Silvio Santos’ daughter replied, “It wasn’t all that, well, Mr. Tiago! Now sit there in your chair and today you’ll see that we really love you here at SBT.” Next, the comedian gave Abravanel’s reaction after eliminating Nayara Azevedothe image that has become a meme on social media to resemble humanized birth, according to netizens.

Between jokes and nudges, Patricia Abravanel, at the end of the show, confirmed that it was all a big joke: “SBT is the Abrava team [Equipe Abrava] Till the end! Good luck Tiago Abravanel, we are with you! “

Check out excerpts from the Tiago Abravanel tradition on Silvio Santos below.

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