June 18, 2024

Douglas scolds Giseilan for her distinguished speech

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Douglas scolds Giseilan for her distinguished speech

During an explosion in the grunge room around He was nearly nominated for the “BBB 22” Wall of the Week. (TV Globo), Jessilane used the term able (discrimination against persons with disabilities), but was reprimanded by Douglas Silva.

sister, Who escaped from the hot seat at that time after winning the round trip, was explaining his relationship with Jade Picon when he used the expression. It all started when Boss Lucas recalled the time he was the Influencer Biologist invited to the leader’s cinema. “Remember I warned you about ‘Jadezinha’? It took that day and I voted for you today,” he said.

Jesse replied “Lucas, for God’s sake, do you think I’m a fool to think that because Jade invited me to the movies she doesn’t vote for me anymore?”

“No, but, well, I somehow spoke …,” explained the Week Leader.

“He kept underestimating me in that sense, thinking I was too far behind to this point,” said the biologist. However, after using the phrase “retarded,” Douglas Silva alerted the participant.

“Look at the capacity,” he scolded the representative of the “City of the Lord.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Jesse tried to turn around.

However, Douglas scolded the sister again. “Then don’t use that word,” he said.

“Speak ‘abestalhada,” Natalia suggested.

Then Jesse again apologized for the speech and finished her thought. “ok Sorry. […] When you put me in this position, it seems that I am unable, and do not have the mind to think about the things, that I am affected by, you are underestimating my ability,” he noted.

After hearing the biologist’s side, Lucas subsequently apologized and made amends with the participant.

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