June 25, 2024

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With the arrival of 5G technology in Brazil, many people live in anticipation to also enjoy this new moment of internet expansion. In addition, the device known to the Brazilian family must also undergo Raising the level of. Popular TV can get better with antenna kit From Federal government And check it out: completely free. Learn more about this in our article below.

FREE TV Antenna Kit
Find out how to order the installation of a government antenna kit – Photo: Disclosure

Antenna kit and 5G access

Since July, the fifth generation of the Internet has been implemented in the country. First in the Federal District, the next capitals preparing to receive innovative technology are João Pessoa, in Paraíba, Belo Horizonte, in Minas Gerais and Porto Alegre, in Rio Grande do Sul. However, this expansion can collide with the TV signal via the satellite dish. According to industry experts, before installing 5G, it is necessary to “clean up” this type of frequency and this will directly affect open TV signals. Therefore, some kind of tool has been created to ensure quality television for all Brazilians.

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Get to know Siga Antenado

Namely, the name of this entity, which brought together many telephone operators in the country, became known as keep following. The goal, in short, is to assist the population during the transmission of frequencies, by distributing and installing clusters using a new digital satellite dish. By the way, this transition has already begun and many people can now order their operations completely free of charge.

For this, the family must be a part of Single Registration (CadÚnico) that promote integration into the federal government’s social programs. They also need to install and operate a conventional satellite dish. For those who use digital antennas or are television subscribers, it will not be necessary to change the equipment because the operators themselves must carry out the procedure. The action is also included in the public notice of the 5G bidding auction, where you are notified that this process should take up to 90 days from the start of the new network.

How to order the antenna kit

Persons eligible for antenna kit .’s website must be accessed keep following in sigantenado.com.br/ or call by phone 0800-729-2404. When using a file Social Registration Number (NIS) or CPF, the person should order the kit and schedule the installation at no cost.

IPTV and TV Box to watch TV for free

Brazilians can count on other alternatives if they want to watch TV for free. In this sense, we are talking about IPTV and TV Box. These options may allow the user to access TV channels using the Internet.

While IPTV uses your computer’s IP address to operate, TV Box can adapt TVs to have a use similar to Smart TV. With this, the possibilities of access to TV channels are expanded.

It is important to highlight that TV boxes must have the Anatel seal and that IPTV must not transmit a channel signal without permission. This is because if the TV Box does not have the seal and the IPTV signal is transmitted without permission, it can lead to a piracy crime.

Nowadays, there are many options that can be found on the Internet TV Box that work legally, as well as sites that can be used to watch TV for free, such as with GloboPlay which provides some free content, or from Soul TV.

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