February 6, 2023

see new records from the moon; The image quality is impeccable!

As everyone knows, man’s obsession with space has provided us with amazing outer space records. In fact, one of the most frequently observed celestial bodies is our natural satellite, which is Moon.

With time, we get many more records from them with more and more quality increasing. It is for this reason that we offer today more than others New records from the moon. So check it out and be impressed.

The new records of the moon

Although the radar beam is less powerful than a simple microwave, it was enough to capture the highest quality images of the moon ever. The images, released on January 10 in Seattle, USA, indicate the place where the Apollo 15 mission landed. The images were created by the world’s most advanced radio telescope, the Green Bank Telescope.

Image: NASA/clone

According to researchers from NASAThe GBT radio telescope sent radio waves to illuminate the Moon, and from the capture of echoes of these waves by other radio telescopes, the record was set.

Despite the low power transmitted by the radar (700 watts), a beautiful picture of the moon can be taken. This wasn’t even a problem for the properties of the place to be so noticeable. See enlarged image:

Image: NASA/clone

In addition, the instruments used in the capture also served to reveal information about an asteroid of large dimensions: one kilometer in diameter.

Even a rocky structure would have passed through the Earth, but there is a great distance, five times the distance between the Moon and the Earth.

The alert was issued, classifying the asteroid as dangerous because it is very large. However, the risk of him reaching Earth is completely null, that is, we can be comfortable with him.

Finally, the researchers stated that they wanted to invest more in the tools that provided these records. That is, with all the certainty in the world, we will continue to obtain records and information from celestial bodies in an ever-increasing quality.