June 23, 2024

Sesa agrees to the changes and releases the audience to return to the stadiums; Fortaleza x Atlético-GO will have fans – play

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Sesa agrees to the changes and releases the audience to return to the stadiums;  Fortaleza x Atlético-GO will have fans - play

joint work between carAnd succumb to NS Ceará Football Federation (FCF) It happened quickly and it was effective. in less than 24 hours, Required modifications NS Ciara Health Department (CISA) was held and the protocol developed for the return of the public to the stadiums was officially approved.

And therefore , The match between Fortaleza x Atlético-GO, at 17:00 this Saturday (2), has been confirmed as the first test event with fans in attendance. clash Enter Ceará x Internacional will, on Wednesday (6), be the second test to be confirmed.

Through an official statement, Sessa stated that “all the amendments requested by Sesa in the protocol submitted by the club and the Ceará Football Federation have been fulfilled. On Thursday, the Ceará State Public Ministry (MPCE) amended the previous letter, informing that it will accept Sesa’s technical decision Conducting a match with the audience.

right Now succumb to She will officially reveal how the check-in process is carried out for members, as well as sell tickets to her fans. President marcelo peace He has already explained, exclusively to the Verdes Mares system, how the process will take place.

In this first match, there will be 6,200 fans, 200 of them in booths and 6,000 tickets (divided between 5.00 for fans and 1,000 that will be on sale).

Busy behind the scenes

On Thursday (30th) there was a major behind-the-scenes move to comply with all of the amendments recommended by Sesa on the deadline. After all, the modifications must be sent until 23:59 this Thursday (30), for the body to decide whether or not there will be a general duel in a duel between Fortaleza x Atlético-GO, for the 23rd round of the Italian Serie A. Brazilian Championship.

Work began on Wednesday evening (29) and all reservations in the document were implemented. Early Thursday morning, they were sent to the state government.

In the afternoon, the wait for the approval document from the Municipal Health Department, assuming commitment to screening and monitoring of participants residing in Fortaleza, was 14 days, which was also sent to Sesa.

The position of the Department of Health

Initially, through an official note, the Ministry of Health stated that “the preliminary analysis showed non-compliance with some elements contained in the testing event protocol published by Sesa and in the current decree of the Ceará Government on social isolation measures against Covid -19 and the issuance of activities.”

But now, it has secured release. See the official notice

The Ministry of Health of Ceará (SESA) has informed that it has issued an opinion authorizing the holding of the testing event between Fortaleza Esporte Clube and Atlético Clube Goianiense, on Saturday, October 2, 2021, at Arena Castelão, with a limited number of fans. to 10% of the stadium capacity.

All modifications requested by Sesa have been implemented in the protocol provided by the club and the Ceará Football Association. On Thursday, the Ceará State Public Ministry (MPCE) amended the earlier message, saying it would accept Sesa’s technical decision to hold the match with the public.

Participants are asked to demonstrate to the event organizer (Fortaleza Esporte Clube) the full vaccination schedule (two doses or one dose), as well as the use of masks and social distancing. Only players, technical committees, and press professionals are allowed to access the event without full immunization, who must demonstrate application of the first dose and be tested with antigen or negative RT-PCR within a maximum period of 48 hours prior to the event.

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