June 25, 2022
Sesi-Bauru overturns Sesc-Flamengo and makes his debut with victory in the Women's Superliga |  volleyball

Sesi-Bauru overturns Sesc-Flamengo and makes his debut with victory in the Women’s Superliga | volleyball

Sesi-Bauru beat Sesc-Flamengo in 3 sets for 2 (parts 23/25, 21/25, 25/22, 25/21 and 15/11), Friday night, in a match played in the gym. Altos da Cidade, in Bauru, and valid for the opening round of the 2021/2022 Women’s Superliga.

The confrontation brought Bernardino and Robinho, longtime volleyball partners who work together as coach and assistant, respectively, on the French men’s team, head to head. inside the court, Nia Reed, tonight’s top scorer with 31 points, took home the Viva Vôlei Cup as the player of the match..

The two teams enter the stadium for the second round of the First Division next Friday (5). Sesi-Bauru visiting Praia Clube, 6:30 p.m., at Arena Dentil, in Uberlândia-MG. Sesc-Flamengo Osasco receives, at 9 p.m., the Tijuca Tênis Clube gymnasium.

Sesi-Bauru players celebrate victory over Flamengo in the Superliga – Photo: Marcelo Ferrazoli / Sesi-SP

Balancing from start to finish, Sesi-Bauru and Sesc-Flamengo made the first group marked by group and individual errors. Whoever missed the least wins. With a 10-point win on Sesi-Bauru’s fouls, Sesc-Flamengo was able to reverse a three-point loss in the final group stage to win 25-23.

The start of the second set dispensed with the balance that characterized the match. Attacking, Cesc-Flamengo opened a seven-point advantage that was crucial to confirming the 25-21 win. After making 17-9, the Rio team saw Cisse Baurou’s reaction and halved the advantage in the final stage. Despite this, Sesc-Flamengo managed to resume the good rhythm of the match and opened two goals to zero in the confrontation.

Sesc-Flamengo and Sesi-Bauru played a great match in the interior of São Paulo – Photo: Marcelo Ferrazoli / Sesi-SP

When everything seemed to be heading towards a smooth victory for Cesc-Flamengo, the hosts responded and presented a group within the expected reality of Cesc Baurou during the Super League. With a superb performance from the trio of Adenizia, Danny Lenz and Sewell, Bauru took advantage of the opponent’s mistakes (12 points) and closed with a score of 25-22, entering the match again.

With fewer individual and group errors in the group, Sesi-Bauru had more effectiveness in attack, especially with Nia Reed, and with block-inspired Adenízia, to close at 25-21 and take the standoff to the tiebreak.

Shaken by the good moment, Sesi-Bauru dominated the entire group and was able to confirm the turnaround and victory in his Superliga debut: 15 to 11.

Nia Red scored 31 points and led Cesc Bauro’s delivery to Cesc Flamengo – Photo: Marcello Verrazoli / CC-SB.

  • Sissy Bauru: Danny Lenz, Adenizia, Soil, Drisilla, Mara, Nya Reed and Nyim. Reservations: Pamela, Leticia, Maehara, Leticia Himeli, Mani and Taisinha. idiomatic: Robinho.
  • flamingo: Juma, Guseli, Mayra, Peña, Valkyria, Sabrina and Natinha. Reservations: Milka, Melina, Ariel, Gabiru, Marcel and Jovana. idiomatic: Bernardino.

Women’s Super League 2021/2022

With 12 teams, the 2021/2022 Women’s Superliga Championship maintains exactly the same dispute format as the last edition. Teams face each other in turn and the top eight advance to the playoffs.

In the quarter-finals, teams will face each other using Olympic keys (1×8, 2×7, 3×6 and 4×5) in a best-of-three-match series. The team with the best campaign can decide whether it prefers to host the first and third matches or the second and third at home, a rule that is maintained until the decision of the tournament.

Participation in the current edition of the Women’s Super League: Brasilia, Barueri, Curitiba, Fluminense, Maringa, Minas, Osasco, Pineros, Praia Club, Cesc Flamengo, Cisse Bauro, Valinhos.