February 21, 2024
Without visitor tickets, Atlético-MG fans will go "incognito" to the Maracanã;  The president complains about flamingo |  Athlete - mg

Without visitor tickets, Atlético-MG fans will go “incognito” to the Maracanã; The president complains about flamingo | Athlete – mg

There is no agreement with Flamengo and without much hope of success in A The last card with STJD, Atlético-MG should not have a specific sector for its fans in the head-to-head confrontation on Saturday, 19:00 (GMT), by Brasileirão. But this will not prevent the presence of athletics in the Maracana, especially those who traveled from Belo Horizonte to Rio de Janeiro only for the match.

A group of Atlético-MG fans outside the team’s hotel in Rio – Photo: Marcelo Cardoso

At the entrance to the hotel where Gallo is staying, in the Copacabana district, in the southern region of Rio de Janeiro, there is a constant movement of groups of athletics. With phones in their hands waiting for the news, they wait to see if they will be able to buy tickets for a specific area dedicated to visiting fans in Maracanã.

“One of the security men in the stadium said they could release them near the match,” one of them said. Another admitted: “If it doesn’t work out, we’ll go shirtless, undercover.” And he repeated a third: “We can’t go without watching the match.”

Atlético-MG tattooed fans queue up for tickets in Maracanã – Photo: Twitter

In online groups, the Atléticians who are in Rio have already begun to organize themselves to buy tickets for a certain segment of the Maracana, where they can stay “undercover”. Something similar to what happened in the match against Atlético-GO, in Goiânia, when, at a certain moment, there was the beginning of confusion among the fans.

When asked about concerns for the safety of the fans at the match, Gallo president Sergio Coelho preferred not to discuss the matter.

Gallo and Flamengo meet on Saturday, in a sort of “early final” in the Maracana. Both teams boast the best results in the competition. Atletico is ahead with 59 points, and Robro Negro (5) has 46, but two games in hand.

Rooster head throws the towel

Others are still waiting for the visiting fans to be released at the last minute, but as time goes on, that is less likely to happen. in contact with GivePresident Sergio Coelho himself admitted that the club “thrown in the towel”.

Sergio Coelho presents the jersey – Photo: Reproduction / Gallo TV

– I don’t think (a specific segment for Rooster would be possible). All the paths that Atlético could take, including the relationship between the boards, as we did. We applied to CBF, tried it out through STJD and Flamengo itself. They didn’t answer my phone calls and President Landim didn’t even answer me in The WhatsApp – I complained.

“Unfortunately, the Flamengo situation prevailed” (Sergio Coelho)

The Brazilian Football Confederation began allowing the attendance of visiting fans at the Brazil Games on October 18, when it published a new update to the protocol recommending the return of the public to the stadiums.

The rule states that the visiting team has the right to request a fee of up to 10% of tickets on sale, as long as they submit the request to the host club at least three days in advance.

Maracanã Stadium, Saturday’s match stage – Photo: Guilherme Moreira / ge

Gallo met the deadline and, in an official letter, requested a portion of his Flamengo tickets on October 21. However, Robro Negro did not respond to Minas Gerais’ request, and the case ended up in the Special Tribunal for Transitional Justice.

On Friday, the court decided that Flamengo should release ticket fees to Atlético, at risk of officials being suspended and a fine of up to R$100,000. However, according to the rule, Galo has to buy tickets for the home team, and then resell them to their fans.

The problem is that due to delays in the process, Roster sees ticket purchases “not feasible, given the sanitary requirements for fans to enter the stadium and the very short time until the match”.