June 13, 2024

Shiv Telegram Media: Medical Supply Convoy Arrives at Al-Shifa Hospital in Collaboration with WHO

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Shiv Telegram Media: Medical Supply Convoy Arrives at Al-Shifa Hospital in Collaboration with WHO

Title: UNRWA Delivers Lifesaving Supplies to Overwhelmed Al-Shifa Hospital Amidst Gaza Bombardments

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[Gaza City, Gaza Strip] – In an effort to address the dire healthcare situation in Al-Shifa Hospital amidst relentless bombardments, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) has facilitated the delivery of emergency medical supplies and medicines. This critical support comes as the hospital, the largest in Gaza, struggles to cope with the overwhelming number of patients and severe shortages of essential resources.

The delivery of lifesaving supplies marks only the second such intake since the escalation of hostilities and the imposition of a total siege on Gaza. As a result, the medical conditions at Al-Shifa Hospital have reached disastrous levels, with nearly two patients occupying every available bed.

The emergency department and wards are now overflowing, leaving doctors with no option but to treat patients in corridors and even outdoors. This inadequate space and lack of resources have resulted in immense and unnecessary pain for wounded patients, as there are significant shortages of vital medicines and anesthetics.

The situation has forced tens of thousands of displaced people to seek shelter in the hospital’s parking lots and yards. Seeking refuge where they can, these individuals are placing added strain on already overwhelmed medical staff.

Al-Shifa Hospital urgently requires additional support to provide comprehensive healthcare to the northern areas of Gaza. Hospitals and medical facilities across the region are rapidly running out of supplies and fuel, exacerbating an already grave situation. Shockingly, fuel has not been allowed into Gaza, including Al-Shifa Hospital, for over a month.

The delivery of fuel to humanitarian agencies in the Gaza Strip has become an urgent priority, as it directly impacts the ability of hospitals and essential facilities to operate amidst the ongoing crisis. Furthermore, the protection of medical facilities, personnel, and patients, as well as ensuring the sustained flow of humanitarian supplies and safe access, is a crucial requirement in accordance with international humanitarian law.

In addition to the immediate need for supplies, there is a desperate call for medical evacuation of critically injured and sick patients. Their urgent transfer to specialized facilities elsewhere is essential to ensure they receive the critical care they require.

As the situation in Gaza continues to deteriorate, it is imperative that the international community responds swiftly and decisively to address the severe healthcare crisis at Al-Shifa Hospital. Time is of the essence, and without immediate action, countless lives hang in the balance.

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