June 18, 2024

Shiv Telegram Media: Week 3 Thursday Injury Report – Bryce Young Absent from Practice

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Shiv Telegram Media: Week 3 Thursday Injury Report – Bryce Young Absent from Practice

Title: Rookie Quarterback Bryce Young’s Availability in Doubt as Veteran Andy Dalton Steps In

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In a twist of events, rookie quarterback Bryce Young has been sidelined from practice due to an unfortunate ankle injury. As fans eagerly await the upcoming game against the Seahawks, concerns are now rising about his availability for the highly anticipated match.

Young’s absence from practice has left many questioning whether he will be fit to take the field against the Seahawks. With only a limited time frame before the game, the rookie signal-caller faces a race against the clock to recover in time.

Stepping up to fill the void left by Young’s injury is the veteran quarterback Andy Dalton. Known for his vast experience and ability to lead under pressure, Dalton will take over the starting reps in Young’s absence. Fans can find solace in Dalton’s presence, knowing that they have an experienced hand at the helm.

To bolster their depth at the quarterback position, the Panthers have signed Jake Luton to their practice squad. Luton’s arrival provides additional support and ensures that the team has contingency plans in place in case of any further setbacks.

The injury bug seems to be lingering, as the Panthers’ defense is also feeling its effects. Star outside linebackers Brian Burns and Justin Houston have been listed as limited participants in practice due to ankle and calf injuries, respectively. While their limitations may raise concerns, it is optimistic that both players will still contribute on game day.

In another notable setback, running back Miles Sanders is also limited in practice due to a pectoral injury. As an integral part of the team’s offensive game plan, Sanders’ status is a cause for concern. However, the coaching staff remains hopeful that he will be able to participate in the upcoming game.

With key players battling injuries, the Panthers face added challenges as they prepare for their clash against the Seahawks. However, the team remains determined to overcome these obstacles and showcase their resilience on the field.

As the game draws near, fans eagerly await updates on Bryce Young’s ankle injury and his availability for the Seahawks matchup. The Panthers will undoubtedly be doing everything in their power to ensure that their rookie quarterback makes a swift return to action.

Stay tuned to Shiv Telegram Media for the latest updates on player injuries and the team’s preparation for the game.

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