June 13, 2024

Silvio Santos asked me to find a doctor to lose weight.

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Silvio Santos asked me to find a doctor to lose weight.

Singer Britta Gil, 48, recalled the occasion when SBT presenter and owner Silvio Santos, 92, recommended she seek out a health professional to help her lose weight.

While participating in the podcast Quem Pode, Pod, Britta highlighted that at the time, people didn’t talk about accepting a fat body and she allowed herself to fall into these “traps” that had her battling her weight.

Phobias and all these biases are structural. People often thought they were nice to me.”

Frequented by professional Silvio. In what happened to the owner of SBT, Britta Gil stated that she went to participate in the presenter’s program and was called to talk to him in the dressing room.

The singer fervently thought that she would win a program in the presenter’s schedule, but was surprised by the recommendation of the endocrinologist, whom Silvio said he was attending and that he would “help” her lose weight.

I have a story I’ve never told. I went to Silvio Santos’ show and then I went to his dressing room, all happy, I thought he was going to make me an offer on SBT… Then he turned to me and said, ‘I want to make you a great offer. Hint’. Then take a piece of paper, a pen [e falou:] “That’s a great endocrinologist, I’ll go to him, look, you’ve lost weight, you’ll be fine.” And he gave me the paper.”

According to Britta Gil, at that time she was embarrassed, did not know how to react to this situation, and thanked Silvio. However, if it is today, I will take the paper and put it back.

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