June 18, 2024

Sociologist Anna Jaguarbi, pioneer of China study dies in Brazil

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Sociologist Anna Jaguarbi, a pioneer in the study of China in Brazil and who lived in the Asian country as a researcher between 1998 and 2003, died Tuesday at the age of 72.

Daughter of sociologist Helio Jaguarbi and sister of Ambassador Roberto Jaguarbi, who headed the Brazil missions in China and the United Kingdom, the sociologist received her Ph.D. from New York University and was a graduate student of École Normale Supérieure in France. Jaguarbi worked for the United Nations in New York, was a consultant at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (Unctad) in Geneva and a professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).

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Currently, she was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Brazilian Center for International Relations (Cebri) and was the Director of the Institute of Brazilian-Chinese Studies (Ibrach).

“Anna has a deep knowledge of Chinese culture and philosophy. He lived in China still in the initial phase of opening, but he did not lose touch with the country and with the many friends he made there,” said Ambassador Mascus Karamuro, Sipri’s international advisory advisor – while he was There is talk of physical infrastructure, he was referring to the digital and was always on the lookout for the minds that would help us understand the future.It was unique in that it combined many aspects of diplomatic thinking and astounded everyone around it with its combination of energy, resilience, and stimulating reflections Always.

The sociologist has published several works on the relationship between Brazil and China, such as the book “Brazil and China in Rearrangement of International Relations” (Funag, 2011), which was her organization, and one of the chapters on “State Capabilities”. In Emerging Countries: Brazil in a Comparative Perspective (Ipea, 2016)”, as well as articles on this topic.

At Cebri, she organized the Asia Nucleus and China Analysis Group, where she led the planning and organization of courses and discussions.

José Bio Borges, Cebri’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees, said: – Ana Jaguarbey has been my good friend since she was a teenager. His ideas were innovative and fundamental to a better understanding of China’s role as a power in current global geopolitics, as well as on the re-emergence of Asia and the reorientation of the multilateral system.

Jaguaribe also created the multilateral core of Cebri and was the originator of the Executive Training Program in China, in partnership with Tsinghua University in Beijing, where she coordinated seven versions of the program.

The sociologist led the project “Brazilian Foreign Policy and a Global Order in Transition: Reorienting Pluralism”, developed in 2020 by Sipri with the support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS), which aims to map trends and strategic issues for emerging economies. , especially Brazil.

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Recently, Anna Jaguarbi analyzed the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the multilateral system, saying that “Covid-19 demonstrates the resilience of human solidarity and compassion in all affected societies and reaffirms the centrality of science and the importance of scientific institutions to global knowledge societies.”

During her career, she has mainly analyzed the global integration of China, as well as the potential effects of this new dynamic on other countries and regions, especially Brazil.

“I had the great advantage of living in Beijing (…) at a very defining moment for the transformation of China into what it is today, a key moment in the reform process. And I think that, like all Brazilian sociologists, since you have arrived in China and seen what happens, You will never stop caring for this country,” Anna Jaguarbi wrote in her testimony for a new book she was preparing for publication.

Jaguarbi is married to diplomat Paolo Bruni and has no children. She died of cancer early this Tuesday.

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