September 28, 2023
Tuesday is once again marked by extreme heat and chances of rain

Tuesday is once again marked by extreme heat and chances of rain

September continues to leave Mato Grosso do Sul with the feeling of being inside an oven. High temperatures mixed with brisk showers make the climate stifling, and this should be the tone for Tuesday also in Aquidwana and the region.

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According to the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet), the day should be cloudy in the morning, with a chance of rain in isolated areas during the afternoon and at night in Aquidauana, Anastácio, Miranda and Dois Irmãos do Buriti.

Temperatures in Princesa do Sul range from 23 to 41 degrees Celsius, and relative humidity ranges from 80% to 20%. In neighboring Anastácio there are very similar forecasts, with a minimum of 23°C and a maximum of 40°C. Humidity ranges from 70% to 20%.

The thermometers also operate at high altitudes in Miranda and Douiz-Ermaus, reaching 22°C and 24°C with daily minimums of 41°C and 39°C, respectively.

In addition to this information, Inmet has published a yellow alert for the Southern District of MS. Municipalities with a water content of 50 mm/day and winds of up to 60 km/h are: Amambay, Angelica, Antonio João, Aral Moreira, Pataipura, Bella Vista, Carabo, Coronel Sabocaya, Deudapolis, Doradina, Dorados, El Dorado , Fatima do Sul, Gloria de Dorados, Iguatemi, Itapura, Itaqueray, Evenhima, Jabora, Jardim, Jati, Guti, Laguna Carabao, Maracaju, Mundo Novo, Naverai, Nova Andradina, Novo Horizonte do Sula, Paranhos, Quedas, Tacuru and Tacuru and Vicenina.