June 17, 2024

Sony confirms that they prohibit card refunds

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Sony confirms that they prohibit card refunds

update on Official English FAQ pageSony confirmed, Friday (29), that it has blocked refunds for prepaid cards from PS Plus he is from PS now Even rework services in a few weeks. It is not yet clear whether the same applies to Brazil.

This siege has been going on since last Wednesday (27). The goal is to prevent users from extending the term of their subscriptions too much. The following message appears on the official support page:

As we prepare to launch the new PS Plus subscription service, we’re working behind the scenes to make the transition as seamless as possible for all of our members.

If you currently have a PS Plus or PS Now subscription, due to changes we make to the service prior to launch, you will not be able to redeem a voucher code for those services until your current subscription expires and has been deactivated, or after a new PS Plus service is launched in your region, whichever comes first.

PS Plus
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The change is likely to be Sony’s attempt to prevent gamers from saving in subscriptions to the new PS Plus, which will arrive in May in some parts of the world – On June 13th in Brazil.

Alleged PS1 and PSP titles from the new PS Plus appear online

With the new PS Plus Extra and Deluxe levels available here, subscribers will have access to them PS1And PS2And PS4And PS5 And PSP. Recently, some names from this catalog appeared on the networks. Check details!

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