June 24, 2024

Sony will stop the PS5 praise function

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Sony will stop the PS5 praise function

praise function PS5 It will be discontinued by Sony as no one seems to be using it. The feature was introduced on the next generation console as a way to allow players to interact in a friendly manner on the platform and learn about each other’s efforts in online matches.

The tool is officially “retired” by Official PlayStation Support Page It will disappear in the spring of 2022. Sony notes that there has been “no expected level of use”, but encourages the community to continue to send “positive messages to each other”.

In Spring 2022, the PS5 Praise Tool will no longer be supported. The feature didn’t show the level of usage we expected, so we’re refocusing our efforts. We encourage the community to continue sending each other positive messages.

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The PS5 Awards fall into three categories: Helper, helper, helpful, benefactor (Dignified, effective in communication and focused on the team), Good heart (understanding friendly and fun) and Sportsmanship (optimistic, fair and polite).

By completing online matches in games like Call of duty And the fortniteyou’ll see an option to compliment one of your teammates – as long as they’re not on your friends list.

Sony aims to increase PS5 stock for the holidays

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