June 18, 2024

“SP was Switzerland”; Marilia Ruiz displeases Vitor Pereira, Flamengo fans call ‘Avalanche’ Rubro Negra

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“SP was Switzerland”;  Marilia Ruiz displeases Vitor Pereira, Flamengo fans call ‘Avalanche’ Rubro Negra


The band’s journalist also reported that a Mingaw trainer was stolen at the RJ

Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF
Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF

Flamengo is focusing on the Club World Cup being held in Morocco. Mangao will enter the stadium next Tuesday (7), to play in the semi-finals against the winner in the confrontation with Al-Hilal or Wydad Casablanca. The focus was total, however, and the piece of news upset Red and Black backstage and reverberated across the nation.

According to journalist Marilia Ruiz, people close to Vitor Pereira began to point out some problems in the coach’s relationship with the city of Rio de Janeiro. According to the presenter, the technician did not like the “daily” routine and was even robbed at RJ: “He thought that working days in Rio de Janeiro were not as profitable as they were in Sao Paulo. This is the first evaluation of a month of work. Another thing is his personal safety and mine.” His family who will not stay in Rio, he will return to Portugal,” said Marilia on Band Sports.

However, the information is not assimilated by Nação, because Mengão’s fans do not see evidence that such a situation has arisen, mainly because of the moment Fla has, in the mouth of the battle for Bimundial. Many believe the crisis is being planted: “Seriously Marilla?? Don’t tell me.??? Could it be that the VP hates Rio because he hates working for SP??,” one fan wrote in a post by Paparazzo Rubro-Negro, noting that The direction has not been confirmed by Mengão.

Many considered the information biased, as it is rooted in ancient folklore about the Rio-SP rivalry: “Seriously, how could they be so petty to plant this kind of information to support a narrative?! Undervaluing RJ, in a false way,” wrote another Robro-Negro. It would seem, to support this club speech ?!

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