September 26, 2022
Steve Bannon surrenders in New York |  Globalism

Steve Bannon surrenders in New York | Globalism

Steve Bannon, a former advisor to the former president Donald Trump, surrendered to New York authorities on Thursday morning (8). Bannon has been charged with money laundering, conspiracy and scheme fraud.

He had already been accused of being part of a group that raised US$25 million to build a wall on the border with Mexico, when the former strategist would have had around US$1 million for personal expenses.

The new indictment comes less than two years later Donald Trump Bannon pardoned federal fraud charges. Bannon’s pardon was granted in the final hours of Trump’s presidential term and is valid only at the federal level, so the charges cannot be overturned at the state level.

in july, justice The United States has sentenced Bannon for contempt To the CPI investigating the invasion of the Capitol. At the time, he was convicted of two misdemeanors for refusing to testify or submit documents to the House Committee.

The decision was made by a jury of 12 people who took less than three hours to reach a conclusion.

This is the first conviction of a person for contempt of the US Congress since 1974 (at that time, one of those responsible for the Watergate scandal was indicted).

Bannon was one of the main strategists for the winning election in trump In 2016. After that, he worked in the US government as Chief Strategist, until, in 2017, a falling out occurred between him and Trump.

In addition to being a Trump administration strategist, Bannon has also been an investor in media associated with the American right.

Defense attorneys argue Bannon is a political target. The main witness to the allegation, for Bannon’s supporters, is a politically motivated Democratic identifier, as well as an association with one of the plaintiffs.

The prosecution’s main witness was Christine Amerling, a senior commission official who testified that Bannon failed to meet deadlines to respond to the subpoena (issued in September 2021), did not attempt to delay the response deadline, and incorrectly justified his response. Lack of responses (he said he would be protected by the secrecy that presidents are entitled to, claiming that his testimony at CPI would breach Trump’s secrets).

The allegation was countered that Bannon showed contempt for the authority of Congress and needed to hold him accountable.

Bannon’s role in the invasion

CPI claims Bannon spoke to her trump At least twice on the eve of the attack, the former strategist also attended a planning meeting at a hotel in Washington, D.C.

On January 5, 2021, Bannon said in a podcast that “everything is going to explode tomorrow.”