September 29, 2023
The cultural appeal of the British royal family helped keep the monarchy alive

The cultural appeal of the British royal family helped keep the monarchy alive

The United Kingdom is not the only place in the world where the monarchy still exists. But it is undoubtedly the most famous. Places like Spain, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Sweden, Norway, UAE, Denmark, etc. are also adopting this system. But why is it so amazing in the UK? columnist UOL Kennedy Alencar, who lived in London in 1993, cultural appeal helps explain this situation.

“The aspect of the tourism industry is largely centered on the British royal family. The exhibitions, the castles with armour, a visit to Buckingham Palace, a picture with the royal soldier, it’s so much fun. (…) It helped,” he said in his post. UOL Specials.

Kennedy also highlighted that interest in the royal family helped even with the economic aspects of the United Kingdom.

‘This cultural industry MoviesAnd series and literature, in some way the monarchy has managed to transform itself into a national economic and cultural value.”

Queen Elizabeth II spent 70 years on the British throne and, as a result, earned the distinction of the longest-serving monarch in history.

She was crowned in 1953, and celebrated the platinum jubilee in June, the month she overtook the reign of King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, who died in 2016. Her reign began in 1946.

The death of Elizabeth II: The new king, Charles gained hatred after a series of convictions and controversies

His reputation is not as flawless as possible.. We have several issues from him related to his relationship with Princess Diana and a series of news that put his reputation at risk, such as receiving money, for example, from Osama bin Laden. (…) Prince Charles may not have the same effect [que a rainha Elizabeth 2ª] “And very efficiently,” said researcher at the University of Birmingham Bruno Carvalho.

He also noted that this hatred should affect the current King Charles III only on the domestic stage, without major problems or consequences in the international relations of the United Kingdom.

“From an international point of view, this probably does not affect the UK much, because the position of the King is somewhat symbolic. It is clear that there is a diplomatic issue and the image of the UK has been made by the King, but it will not jeopardize it as a direct issue to influence the UK’s foreign or diplomatic policy” .

The researcher said that Queen Elizabeth II linked the points of history and went beyond the symbolic role

“Queen Elizabeth, in addition to being an element of social contact, also connects various points in British history. From the period we call the Victorian with Winston Churchill until now this period of the twenty-first century, after Brexit, with Elizabeth Truss”, ANALYSIS Researcher Bruno Carvalho participated in UOL Specials.

He also highlighted that although the monarchy has a role that is considered symbolic in the UK, Queen Elizabeth II has managed to transcend this role and bring a kind of emotional stability to the country.

“The first question for us to understand the role of the Queen is not just to understand her as an official role exercising some kind of power, but as an element that is part of the social fabric of the British. by the people of Britain. The United Kingdom.”

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