February 28, 2024

STJ does not recognize Rose Miriam in Gogo Liberato’s will

The justice unanimously decided to keep 75% of the inheritance for the couple’s three children. Girls will appeal

reproduction / Instagram / rosemiriamoficial / 10.25.2021
Rose Miriam is trying to prove a stable union in court to get part of the inheritance

This Tuesday, the 20th, Supreme Court of Justice The STJ has validated the bidder’s will Jojo Liberato He left 75% of his wealth to his children and not to be recognized Rose Miriam heiress. Gogo’s former partner struggles to have the stability of a union recognized in court. The unanimous decision of 4-0 keeps 75% for children Joao Augusto, Sofia and Marina Liberato. The remaining 25% will be divided among his nephews. In a memorandum, Gogo’s daughters’ attorney, Nelson Willians, said he respected the High Court of Justice’s Third Panel decision, but would appeal. According to him, the division of the Muqaddam in his will is wrong to dispose of 100% of his assets, when he could have only divided 50% of it. “In a will, he disposed of 100% of all his assets, without respecting the legitimate share of the children. According to Brazilian law, the testator must protect half of all his assets (the legal part) and can only dispose of the other half (the available part) in a will,” it reads. memo. According to Nelson, this is a “violation of the principle of public order” that could open precedents in Brazilian courts. “If presenter Gogo intended to leave 25% of the total, he would have tested 50% of the part available to his nephews and not the 25%,” says the lawyer. Gogo’s daughters are beside the mother, who tries to acknowledge the stable union. This process follows naturally.