February 20, 2024

Virginia Fonseca shows off her stomach before and after a modeling massage – Lifestyle

Virginia Fonseca On Monday (19), she showed her stomach before and after doing a modeling massage. In the photos posted on social media, it can be seen that the abdomen is more defined. She did sessions every morning, as well as physical exercises in her palace. Today, for example, she showed that she was totally sweating after spending 20 minutes on the stairs.

“Eitaaaaaaaa,” Virginia wrote in the post featuring the result of the massage. “That little tag in ‘post’ because I lay on my stomach, and then I tag it,” he added, referring to the tag in the bikini area.

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The influencer, who is married to Zé Felipe, usually shares all the details of her daily life with her followers. Earlier this month, she settled a file Taking care of the eldest daughterMaria Alice, 2 years old, does physical activities: While she was doing her legs exercise, she held the girl who was sitting on her stomach.

See Virginia’s post:

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