November 29, 2022
Studios want to drop mandatory Xbox Series S release, says indie creator

Studios want to drop mandatory Xbox Series S release, says indie creator

Ian Maclure, visual effects artist at Bossa Games, studio Surgeon Simulator, has commented on the current controversy over the Xbox Series S and how some are accusing it of negatively impacting the quality of current-generation games released.

The quality of performance in A Plague Tale: Requiem and more specifically the lack of a 60fps mode and the ability to only play Gotham Knights at 30fps on consoles has given us a lot to talk about and now we have another industry factor commenting publicly.

After a member of Rocksteady Studios commented that the current console isn’t much more powerful than a previous-generation console, Maclure decided to respond publicly and say that many studios want to leave the commitment to releasing an Xbox Series S version.

When Jeff Gerstmann defended the Microsoft Series S and gave an example of PC development, Maclure replied that tweaks aren’t that bad about that talk and that many would rather not deal with the less powerful console.

“It may sound muddled, but the reason you hear it so often these days is that a lot of studios have sat in meetings over the past year in a desperate attempt to remove the release clause in Series S,” Maclure said.

“The studios went through a development cycle in which the S Series ended up being an albatross around the neck of production and now that the games have been firmly developed with new consoles in mind, the teams don’t want to repeat the process.”

In the face of feedback that there are many games running on hardware like Steam Deck, Maclure talks about the quality compromises needed to run them, whether lowering the resolution to 720p or even the performance and quality settings.