June 24, 2024

Sylvinho reveals his concerns about Mantoan and praises the athlete’s abilities. Sock infected with Covid-19

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Sylvinho reveals his concerns about Mantoan and praises the athlete's abilities.  Sock infected with Covid-19

One of the last dear Corinthians fans, midfielder Gustavo Mantoan has recovered from a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his knee, which he suffered in October 2020. Although he is already free to play again, The player was diagnosed with Covid-19 on Monday It will take a little longer to be available.

At Sunday’s press conference, after the win over Ciara, Sylvinho was asked what he thought about Mantoan’s return. The coach showed caution but spared no praise for the young man.

“Gustavo Mantoin is a good player, strong and since our arrival he has been in a transitional period of some injuries, unfortunately complicated, which took time to recover, one piled on top of the other. He’s an athlete we care about, and he’s already been released by the medical department, but he’s an athlete who needs all the care in training. We have been very fondly looking for his return, to the athlete mechanic, running, and being on the fieldSilvino said.

Mantoan was injured in a match for the U-20 team. Incidentally, the team faced the same Corinthians U-23 team. This move took place in cross, in the second half of the friendly match, when the player fouled on the field. The injury came days after the match against Vasco, in which the midfielder had great moments in the Timao shirt in the pros. This is the third ligament injury suffered by the athlete.

The psychological factor after injury is also crucial. Sylvinho explained that in recent training Mantuan had a slight development, but was concerned about gravity at the moment of touch. The coach indicated that the midfielder continues to recover from the period of inactivity.

Some time ago, the ball touched his ankle, rotated his foot and he was a little worried, but no more than a sprain. What I want to say is that the athlete is also recovering from the entire period of inactive games. Hopefully this step will be accelerated, the feedback will improve and he can In the near future to have the conditions to play, to be called up and to be able to continue his career in a normal way.Sylvino added.

The player turned 20 last June. Due to Covid-19, the midfielder is in isolation despite not showing any symptoms. He will return to training with the group only after the isolation period, which usually lasts for at least ten days. Gustavo Mantoin has a contract with Corinthians until January 5, 2025.

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