September 28, 2023
Marcelo Vega, Rene Weber and Jorginho were among the victims of Covid-19 Image: Photo montage

The Brazilian Football Confederation gets approval to distribute vaccines to athletes, and states receive lists from the Ministry of Health

Today, Monday, the Brazilian Football Confederation obtained the approval to distribute vaccines to the players and players of the Italian Football League and players in the Brazilian Football First Division, which includes the men’s and women’s teams. The list of all athletes has already been sent by the Ministry of Health to the state secretariats. The clubs are awaiting confirmation this Tuesday.

Audience return:The Brazilian Football Confederation delivers the protocol to the federations and organizes meetings with cities and clubs with permission

In this way, part of Doses donated by CONMEBOL, Most of it may be absorbed for general immunization of the population. The teams had to send a form to the Brazilian Football Confederation indicating their desire to receive a load of the Chinese Coronavac vaccine, which was obtained by Conmebol.

Most of the clubs indicated that they were waiting for receipt and filled out the form to submit to the Ministry of Health.

Among them is the flamingo. Everton Ribeiro, the red-and-black midfielder, was one of the few players to have appeared taking his dose by age, and promoting it on social networks. The club had three cases of Covid-19 recently: Rene, Thiago Maia and Gustavo Henrique. Another athlete best known for his vaccination initiative is Nene, of Fluminense, 40. The Laranjeiras club was the other carioca that joined the vaccination queue.


After the doses are sent, each club will have to decide which professionals will receive the vaccines. Men’s teams will receive 140 potions – for 50 players entered in the national competition and 20 members of the coaching staff – and women’s teams, 100 – 30 athletes and 20 members of the committee.

Some Brazilian teams have already vaccinated their players when traveling to ParaguayInvited by Conmebol. Among them are Atlético-GO, Atlético-MG, Palmeiras and São Paulo.

In total, Conmebol sent more than 20 thousand doses to the Brazilian government. Of these, about 5.5 thousand were allocated to football professionals in the A and A1 series of the Brazilian championship. The remaining 14.5 thousand, as a counterpart, were incorporated by the National Immunization Program (PNI) for the rest of the population.