March 29, 2023

Tadeo Schmidt talks with Christian, Fred and Riccardo at BBB 23 | Removal

Tadeo Schmidt talks with Christian, Fred and Ricardo at BBB 23

Let’s go again breakwater At the house of BBB 23. The brothers are waiting for the result and Tadeo Schmidt is talking to Christian, Fred and Ricardo to find out how they are doing this Tuesday, 2/21.

The presenter first asks which carnival parades and which school he likes the most. Then talk to the trio. We have three first-timers on the Paredão platform.

Riccardo is the first to speak: “I am very calm and happy with myself. Let’s go upstairs.”

BBB 23: Ricciardo says he’s calm ahead of Paredão’s result – Photo: Globo

Fred: “Everything I imagined doing at home, I managed to do. Entertaining people, making connections…”.

BBB 23: Fred says he’s done everything he wanted to do at home, but hopes to get back out of the spotlight – Image: Globo

Christian: “I was wrong, I was right. We learn from the people. Here, we have to live together, get along, and disagree with others.” He also says that it is impossible to remain the same after the match.

BBB 23: Christian says there is no way out after the match – Image: PGM1

Game tip:

Fred, Domitella and Marvella are drawn to give their guesses as to who will leave BBB23

Chief Caesar attracts three people. They should say who they think is leaving today.

Fred Nicasio: “I think Christian is leaving today.”
Domitilla Barros: “I also think Cristian is leaving today”.
Marvella: “Again, I think Christian is leaving.”

Tedio Schmidt talking to Christian, Fred and Ricciardo – Photo: Globo

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