February 28, 2024

Terra e Paixão: Tadeu finds out that Anely is the masked woman he is talking to on the Internet


Gladys’ husband is finally able to figure out that Lucinda’s sister is the woman

Play / Rede Globo
Play / Rede Globo

In Terra e Paixão, Anely (Tatá Werneck) is going to reveal her secret. Tadeu (Cláudio Gabriel) is completely obsessed with the camera and is a few steps away from discovering the masked woman’s true identity. Ever since Anli showed up at Gladys’ (Leona Cavalli) school, Tadeu began to suspect that she was the one in control of the adult website.

From there, he tries at any cost to discover her true identity to prove his suspicions. In the following chapters of the series, with the help of Enzo (Rafael Gualandi), Tadeu confirms that Lucinda’s sister (Débora Falabella) is really the woman he talks to every day on the Internet.

Play / Rede Globo

Gladys’ husband asked the boy to hack into Anli’s computer, but Luigi (Rainer Cadet) alerted Lucinda’s sister about the suspicious emails she was receiving from Enzo. Tadeu also tried to steal the girl’s computer, and Enzo had already invaded Anely’s room looking for evidence linking her to an adult content site, which was also unsuccessful.

On the other hand, the IT technician manages to help his boss and installs a camera in the room of Odilon’s girlfriend (Jonathan Azevedo). “Doctor Tadeu, I know you suspect the girl in Pix is ​​Lucinda’s sister. Look at that video app. I installed a remote control camera in Anely’s room. Now let’s see what happens there.”explains the boy, who manages to see everything through the mobile app and catch Anely in action.