February 20, 2024

Vai na Fé: Theo is called to testify about the abuse, and Lumiar backs him up | Come to me about – come

Theo is called to testify about the abuse and is surprised at Vai na Fé – Photo: Globo

Theo will be at the hotel, in the presence of Kate (Clara Monique)—who, by blackmail, will need to go there—when an inspector gives him a subpoena.

“Mr. Theo Camargo Bastos is being intimidated to appear before the police station for clarification in connection with the investigation of rape of a vulnerable person. Sign the receipt here, please?”

Then, enraged, Theo will continue to threaten Kate, until Lumière rings the bell.

“Hide in the bathroom now!” he told Kate.

Lumière poses with Theo Fei Fai Na Fe – Photo: Globo

Then Lumiere will enter the apartment and tell Theo more about the complaint. He will say, of course, that he does not know the victim …

“The Public Prosecutor’s Office has referred the investigation to the Civil Police. The victim in this operation is Janaina Freitas Lima. The crime is described as having occurred at the end of 2009. Any idea what it could be? Do you remember this Janaina?”

He replies, “I don’t remember what I had for dinner yesterday, for who can say if this janine was there.”

Theo says he doesn’t know Janina in Vai na Fé – Image: Globo

Theo, of course, would create drama and play the victim to Lumiar, as if Ben (Samuel de Assis) was stalking him.

“I fought all my life to be the man who would make my father proud, only to see my best friend take such action against me. Calling me a rapist, shattered for the reputation I had built and why? For Sol and for the envy he has of me, because I am Jennifer’s father.”

And the drama will kick in as Lumiere, still grateful that Theo saved her life in her attempt, will stand by him and promise him the best defense.

“I will give you the best defense I can. You are the man who saved my life.

“You are the best thing that ever happened to me,” he reciprocates.

Lumiere has promised to defend Theo in Phi Na Fe’s abuse case – Image: Globo

Hiding in the bathroom, Kate will discover Theo and Lumiere’s involvement.

“Top sucker and blondie. Who will say..? “

And now?! What will happen to Theo’s future? Don’t miss the next chapters of the TV series at 7!

Theo asks Lumiar to marry him