June 14, 2024

The arrival of spring changes the weather in Bahia; Check what the weather says | Bahia

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The arrival of spring changes the weather in Bahia;  Check what the weather says |  Bahia

Spring will officially begin on Wednesday (22), at 4:21 p.m. With flower season coming, hot, dry and humid weather is expected in Salvador and most of Bahia in the coming days. This is the forecast prepared by the Civil Defense in Salvador (Codesal).

Temperatures will be higher, which could cause intense heat in the western region, which has already been crippled by fires in recent weeks due to dry weather, according to Giuliano Carlos, a meteorologist at the organization.

“A feature of this season is this dry and wet period, especially here in Salvador. In Bahia, and especially in the west, these temperatures tend to be a little higher, which also exacerbates these fires that have been seen,” Giuliano said.

The meteorologist speculates that this spring may also be accompanied by rain, especially in the early weeks, due to the arrival of cold fronts. Codesal monitors satellite images. “It is not rain that worries us. In addition to the onset of spring, in the coming months, we will also have the possibility of an important event during some periods of the month,” he said.

Giuliano explained that the rainy season in northeastern Brazil, especially in early spring, is due to the La Niña phenomenon that cools the waters of the Pacific Ocean and makes winds more frequent, including in Salvador.

Dry and wet weather represents spring in Bahia; However, there are forecasts for rain in the coming days – Image: Reproduction / Bahia TV

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