February 27, 2024
The Brazilian becomes a millionaire in the United States selling tapioca

The Brazilian becomes a millionaire in the United States selling tapioca

famousThe American dreamIt can come true sometimes, as people put it. That was the case at least for Veronica Oliveira from Bahia, who went to the US with only R$500 and currently earns US$1.5 million selling tapioca.

Verônica was awarded Best of Framingham 2022 in the Food Products Supplier category through the Framingham Award Program. Her childhood was difficult in the interior of Bahia.

How did Veronica move to the United States?

Bahian studied Nursing in Belo Campo – BA and worked for a few years in a city hospital. When she was fired in 2009, Veronica, who had only 500 Brazilian reals in her account, decided to move to the United States, although she did not know how to speak English.

Growing up in the country with seven siblings, I watched my mother wash her clothes in the river. We went through hard times, like lack of food and opportunities, but we always had a lot of love and will to grow and achieve,” Veronica recalls.

The businesswoman worked as a cleaner for four years in the United States before she decided to do so. With an investment of just $30, I’m getting started Tapioca from Bahia🇧🇷 The business has become so big that today she earns $1.5 million USD.

At Tapioca da baiana you can find many benefits in products, check out the main ones:

  • Without gluten
  • Sugarless;
  • no preservatives;
  • No sodium
  • 100% vegan product;
  • An excellent alternative to bread
  • Ready in 2 minutes.

Framingham Award Programme

The Best of Framingham 2022 award represents the unique moment that the Brazilian woman is going through, as her business has joined the list of companies collaborating for Economie North American.

The Framingham Award Program is an award created to honor the best companies in the town of Framingham, Massachusetts, where Verônica lives.

The Brazilian explains that Bahian spices changed her life, and after a lot of effort, literally getting her hands dirty, she managed to get where she wanted. However, the Bahian woman does not intend to stop there and aims to reach somewhere greater. Its desire to reach the entire US market.

photo: reproduction/Instagram