March 22, 2023
Withdrawal of R$1,000 from FGTS is available until the 15th;  Being!

Withdrawal of R$1,000 from FGTS is available until the 15th; Being!

Workers who have not yet withdrawn R$1,000 from the FGTS extraordinary withdrawal can only get a refund until December 15th.

Workers who have not yet withdrawn the amount of R$1,000 from the Extraordinary Withdrawal from fgts (Guarantee Fund for Term of Service) can only refund until December 15th.

according to Caixa Economica FederalThere are 12 million employees who have not yet withdrawn lend FGTS emergency. All workers who have an account with the agency with an available balance can request the extraordinary withdrawal.

Who can request an exceptional FGTS withdrawal?

Any worker with a linked, active or inactive FGTS account can withdraw the extraordinary withdrawal amount. The amount is automatically added to the employee’s Tem Box.

It is possible to check who is entitled to the withdrawal request on the Caixa website, in the FGTS application and in the branches of Caixa Econômica Federal.

cross consultation FGTS websiteYou can access the following information:

  • If the citizen is entitled to the FGTS exceptional withdrawal;
  • See the date when the amount will be credited to your digital social savings account.

Already in the FGTS app (available for Android And the iOS) and also in Caixa branches it is possible:

  • consult date credit into a digital social savings account;
  • consult the amount to be credited;
  • request to return the amount deposited to the FGTS account;
  • Inform that you do not wish to receive the extraordinary amount;
  • Make changes to your registration to create a digital social savings account.

How is the extraordinary withdrawal?

a lend It is automatically executed in the Caixa Tem account on behalf of the employee. In cases where the amount is not automatically credited to the account, a request must be made for the amount to be released.

There are several reasons why the value is blocked. According to Caixa, the main reasons are:

  • judicial determination
  • guarantee credit operations before the anniversary draw;
  • incorrect data;
  • Request to refund the amount collected by the employer.

According to Caixa, withdrawals will not be available if the amounts available in the FGTS account are blocked.

Is withdrawal compulsory?

no. Exceptional withdrawal is optional. Workers can specify that they are not interested in receiving resources so that the FGTS account is not debited.

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