June 13, 2024

The change in the version of the ruling led to a lighter penalty for Tequinho Soares, from Botafogo, TJD-RJ president said; The judge can sue

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The change in the version of the ruling led to a lighter penalty for Tequinho Soares, from Botafogo, TJD-RJ president said;  The judge can sue

An eight-match suspension that he imposed TJD-RJ to the attacker Tequenho Soaresl Botafogo, continues to give what we are talking about. college president, Renata Mansour She explained the reasons why the Fifth Disciplinary Committee excluded Article 243-f (aggression), after a change in the judgment report. Tarciso Pinheiro Caetano Regarding what he wrote in the summary of the classics against Flamengo.

– At the trial, to our surprise, the referee made a statement that he had not been hit in the head. Also to our surprise, the referee said he was more offended by the words spoken than the actual aggression from the headbutt to the nose, contrary to what was stated on the score sheet. Hence the importance of bringing yourself to trial quickly. The athlete apologized at the trial to the referee and this whole context changed the scenario – Mansour explained, in an interview with “Seleção SporTV”.

The change in release could lead to referee Tarciso Pinheiro Caetano being fired as well.

– This will be evaluated by the TJD-RJ himself, because the referee is responsible for what he presents on the score sheet. It is up to the attorney general’s office to even denounce him for poorly wording the summary, that’s another matter. The address is clear. He said it was important for the prosecutor’s office to take action on this discrepancy in the judgment’s position.

The TJD-RJ president also explained once again why she had given Tiquinho Soares a 30-day suspension, complying with a request from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and thus banning the player from playing in the Copa Brasil – he has now been released to play in national and international competitions.

– The Public Prosecution requested a preventive stay due to the seriousness of the incidents. In conclusion, the referee reported many insults and a grudge in the nose. In all cases, the Public Prosecution may request a preventive suspension according to the seriousness of the situation, and it should not be confused with doping cases. At that time, I understood that hitting the referee’s head was a very dangerous act, so I agreed to the attorney general’s request. In terms of speed, when it comes to a first order, anyone who accompanies me knows I’m very fast in casting, and a sporting event can’t wait. Specifically, to be impartial, I sent the case to trial quickly, and it went to trial on Monday — he said.

Too bad I can change

Renata Mansour also stated that Tiquinho Soares’ sentence has a chance of mitigation in the sentence in the TJD-RJ plenary session. Botafogo has already submitted that it will appeal.

Mansour said: – I think there should be appeals from both parties, from the Attorney General’s Office and from Botafogo, to try to reduce not the four matches for unsportsmanlike behaviour, but the four matches for offense.

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