July 18, 2024

Pele leaves 30% of his assets to the widows

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Pele leaves 30% of his assets to the widows
Pele leaves 30% of his assets to the widows

Pele (pictured left) indicated in his will that he wants his widow Marcia Oki (pictured right) to keep 30% of his assets, including a house in Guaruja (SP). He also scored the king of soccer in the close Possibility of having another daughter, who may become heir if the DNA test is positive.

Louise Kennell, Marcia’s attorney, told L.L.C Sh 1 that his client and the other heirs had access to the will, which was presented to the judge. He also stated that the heirs are waiting for the collection of assets to confirm the value of the assets left by Pele.

Also according to Kignel, Márcia plans to discuss the issue of inventory with the children of the King of Football. He stated that the family of the former player should meet between this week and the next day to decide who will be the enforcer.

About the potential daughter, Kignel said it is necessary to wait until DNA work is done with family members. When summoned by the Justice League in 2022 to take a DNA test, Pele was not going to do this for health reasons, but left in his will the need to prove paternity. According to the Public Defender’s Office, The process is handled with the confidentiality of justice.

Recently, as we explained, the request of former player Edinho, son of Pele, to be the executor of his father’s will was denied. He also requested that the inventory be carried out in confidentiality for the sake of justice, which was also refused. The judge who refused the requests is the same one who sentenced him to 33 years in prison for money laundering in 2004.

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