February 26, 2024

the end of their longest winning streak since 2019; And now? – Money Times

The real estate funds index failed to reach a session high of 20 and was below 3,000 points (Photo: Flávya Pereira/Money Times)

This Wed (24), index Real estate funds (ifix) from B 3 closed down for the first time since the April 25 trading session.

However, Ifix It snaps a streak of 19 consecutive days of risewhich is the largest period of gains since the end of 2019.

index FIIs It even performed at the highest level upon business opening, reaching its 20th consecutive cycle of recognition. However, he turned around late in the morning.

A month without knowing what is falling

Therefore, the Ifix index fell by 0.31% (after adjustments), to 2996 points, at the lowest point of the day, after closing above 3000 points for two consecutive days.

However, even when opening a business, the B3 real estate fund index has reached an important milestone, where Up to 3008 points.

This was the highest level reached since the end of February 2020, prior to the World Health Organization (WHO).fromDeclaration of a global pandemic of the COVID-19 virus. However, Ifix remains 8% to 10% below historic highs, highlights real estate analyst at empirical researchCayo Nabucco de Araujo.

The index spent nearly a month without knowing what it was like to close the trading session in the red. In this period, the index has accumulated gains of 6.4%, taking into account Wednesday’s close. In addition, the index has accumulated three weeks of highs and Offers approximately 200 points.

Paper money back

Araujo notes that REITs are “nice to catch” on future interest curve cooling. Especially that brick wallpapers. With this potential decline silica rate In the second quarter, the market has been pricing this in, he says.

He adds that other events have contributed to Ifix’s appreciation in recent weeks, such as some appeals paper wallpaperswhich eased well between March and April, is showing recovery this month.

“But it’s a positive sign for the class,” he comments, referring mainly to the fishery industries related receivables (should 11), hectare m (HCTR11), Receivables of the city of Versailles (VSLH11) that it Tordesillas E (TORD11). These real estate funds achieved the highest gains in May, ranging between 15.4% and 37.2%.

Distinguished real estate funds

However, in today’s trading session, the most prominent real estate funds listed on Ifix were Rental income in Santander (SARE11) which recorded the highest increase of 2.55%. However, the ha drove the losses2.87%.