June 13, 2024

The revenue site experiences instability on the first day of the IR recovery consultation

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The revenue site experiences instability on the first day of the IR recovery consultation
Income tax 2023

access via website and cell phone is having problems; The first payment will be made on May 31st

Giovanna Soto

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Federal Revenue logo on a mobile phone (Credit: Julio Ricco/Shutterstock.com)

The Federal Revenue website is experiencing turmoil on Wednesday morning (24) likely due to a high volume of access to consult on the 2023 income tax refund.

Starting today, taxpayers can check whether they will be included in the first payment of the refund, which was paid on May 31, next Wednesday. a Infomoney Income inquired about the problems, but had not received a response by the time this article was published.

The system error has been identified in both mobile and PC versions. Watch the tests that took place around 10:30 a.m.:

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(Reproduction / Federal Revenue website)

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(Reproduction / Federal Revenue website)

On the second attempt via cell phone, the site appears with the message: “Loading” and does not progress to the recovery consultation stage.

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Across social media, shareholders shared their dissatisfaction with the disrupted service this morning.

“Accounts receivable site down. The life of a Brazilian is not easy,” commented one user. Another netizen says, “I just want the Federal Revenue Service to deposit my money soon.”

Another taxpayer says: “The problem with consulting the first installment of the 2023 income tax refund. Let federal revenue solve the problem.”

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