February 26, 2024
The failure of the free market hurt many people's purchases

The failure of the free market hurt many people’s purchases

Find out what happened to the Mercado Livre website and app on Wednesday afternoon and see the position of the platform.

This Wednesday (23) Mercado Livre website and application showed instability. Around 1:44 p.m., there were 877 complaints on Downdetector — a website that monitors the functioning of various apps and websites.

Thus, according to registered complaints, 58% were about the site, and 34% were about the app. 9% were reporting problems when finalizing Purchases🇧🇷

What do users say about the bug?

Check out what users had to say on social media:

What did the free market say?

First, the site informed customers that “a one-time Amazon Web Services (AWS) failure temporarily affected their marketplace purchase,” the company said in a note.

After the statement, at around 3:40 p.m., the company reported that the platform had already been re-established and that services were already operating normally for all Mercado Livre users.

what are the problems?

One of the main problems may be related to Mercado Libre’s address system. As a result, customers were unable to complete purchases or simulate shipping before order completion.

There are also cases where the problems were greater. This is because customers were unable to log into their accounts, perform searches, or even access their shopping cart on the shopping site. Thus, the platform displays a warning saying “An error has occurred. We are working on a solution”, which gives a hint to the user to try again. paying off:

The Mercado Livre website screen contains the message "Oops!  an error occurred.  Try again later."
Image: Reproduction/Free Market

Sexta Vieira Negra

although Sexta Vieira Negra On November 25th, the site will be holding a “Warm Black Friday,” when customers can find products with discounts of up to 70% and free shipping. Therefore, it is noteworthy that this year the date falls at the same time as the World Cup.

“It will be a Black Friday like no other. These are two dates that focus a lot on the intent to buy. We decided to increase the number of promotional days, believing that the World Cup would have special days for us,” said Julia Roof, Marketplace Manager at Mercado Livre.

Photo: casa.da.photo / shutterstock.com