June 17, 2024

The father has 96% of his body covered in tattoos and he doesn’t want to stop

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The father has 96% of his body covered in tattoos and he doesn’t want to stop

A man with almost his entire body covered in tattoos, about 96%, succeeded on social networks for his audacity and made it clear to his fans that he wasn’t going to stop anytime soon.

The Canada-based man, known only as Remy, has been passionate about ink illustrations since he was a teenager. Since getting her first tattoo, 14 years ago, she has taken particular pleasure in her body.

“I felt motivated while I still do. The look changed because of my passion for that way of life,” he stated in a post, celebrating the changes he’s made to his body over the years.

Remy also revealed that he spent nearly $140,000 Canadian dollars (about R$530,000 at current exchange rates) on his amazing transformation. It is also estimated that he spent more than 1,300 hours in sessions with tattoo artists to transform his body into a “work of art,” the British Daily Star reported.

Remy, who is married with a 13-year-old son, has about 200,000 followers on Instagram. He recently revealed on the networks that although his modifications have left many impressed, he is still not happy with the results and intends to cover the other 4% of his body.

The man has tattoos from head to toe, with intricate illustrations and dyed mostly black. Only part of the facial skin is covered.

The Canadian has also modified the ears with Swiss cheese-like holes, allowing earrings, piercings, and other accessories to be inserted. In one post, he revealed to his followers that after tattooing almost his entire body, he came to the conclusion that the most painful tattoo was between his buttocks.

Despite the praise he receives online, Remy has also had to deal with criticism and threats from people who disapprove of his appearance.

“Some people say my son should be taken from me because of my looks,” the influencer told the Mirror. He added, “I picked up my voice and said that if a person thinks that way, they shouldn’t have children.”

Although he faces the challenge, Remy said his son Evan and his wife respect his passion for tattooing and it does not negatively affect the family.

“I wasn’t worried about my son’s reaction, because tattoos and piercings don’t change anything,” he said.

According to the influencer, Evan was born when he was already making changes to his body, so tattoos became a natural thing for the boy. “It’s completely normal for him. As he got older, he became indifferent (to tattoos) and that made him more tolerant of people who were different.”

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