February 1, 2023

The first FGTS R$3,000 withdrawal has a redeemable date; Check the calendar

The Stopover Compensation Fund (FGTS) is a fund set up with the aim of protecting workers who are fired without just cause. However, what many people may not know is that there are many ways of withdrawing, some of which are allowed while a worker has a formal contract.

Thus, this FGTS method allows withdrawals of up to R$3,000 and the first withdrawal next year has already been officially confirmed by the government. See more below.

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First draw FGTS

First of all, it is important to clarify that the first FGTS draw that will already be available to a part of the workers from January 2023 is linked to the Guaranty Fund anniversary draw.

In this way, this method presents itself as an alternative to ending withdrawal. Whereas previously workers could only get a refund if they were fired without a valid reason, previously withdrawals could be made every year, even if they had a formal contract.

The difference is that when choosing a Christmas withdrawal, the worker loses the right to access the full value if they are fired without just cause. Therefore, what remains is the right to a 40% FGTS termination fine.

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about the method

The Christmas FGTS withdrawal method allows workers to earn a rate from 5% to 50%, depending on the salary range the worker has in the escrow account.

Thus, workers have money available in their accounts from the first day of their birth month. To be entitled to withdraw, one must take into account the salary range of not less than R$500, at the rate of 50%, and above R$20,000.01, at the rate of 5.0%. In this sense, the last tranche allows the withdrawal of an additional premium of R$2.9 thousand.

In addition, there are other intake ranges that can be consulted on the official FGTS website, directly on the official page of Caixa Econômica, at the following address: https://bityli.com/xXX2xV🇧🇷

How to apply?

To request a birthday FGTS withdrawal, you must first access the website: https://bityli.com/InMQC🇧🇷 After logging into your account, tap on the “Birthday Withdrawal” option. Then just finish the process by confirming the selection, if you want to make the exchange for the annual withdrawal.

However, it should be noted that you need to make sure before choosing this method. This happens because, according to the rules for changing the FGTS withdrawal method, if the worker regrets it, he can only go back to the termination withdrawal after two years.

In addition, it should be noted that the withdrawal request must be made in the month of birth of the worker, by the last working day. If you pass this date, the money will not be available until the following year.

Finally, it is also necessary to comment that the funds from the FGTS birthday withdrawal are available in the account for the worker to redeem up to 90 days.

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