February 28, 2024
Learn how to disable this iPhone feature that is making a lot of people angry

The following iPhones will have USB Type C ports.

iPhone users will be able to borrow a charger from non-Apple cellphone users now that a year-old drama is coming to a close. This is because Apple has confirmed that future iPhones will have USB Type-C ports.

Those who use brand mobile phones must have faced hard times when the battery ran out and no one had a compatible charger to borrow. The situation has been complaining for years since the launch of the brand’s smartphones, but only now will Apple succumb to change.

Apple is listening to the EU and future iPhones will have a USB Type-C port

In an interview with the US Wall Street Journal on the 25th, during a Tech Live event, Apple’s Vice President of Marketing Greg Joswiak confirmed that the brand will follow EU recommendations. “Obviously, we have to follow them; the executive said.

EU directive is that mobile phones in the EU An apple It has a standard USB Type-C input. The current charger input for brand smartphones is Apple’s own, called Lightning. The company has a history of developing products with its own standards. According to Joswiak, the company’s culture is to trust its engineers and its hardware technologies.

Apple supports USB-C

In recent years, the company has launched other products that already have a USB-C port, as an example on some iPad models.

Although the CEO confirmed that cell phones will also have the standard input, it is not yet known when the iPhone will be launched with the novelty of the USB-C input.

The European Union has decided that mobile phone manufacturers will adhere to the Type-C standard by the fall of 2024, between September and December.

Photo: DenPhotos / shutterstock.com