March 4, 2024
iOS 16 Restores Battery Percentage, But Only For These iPhones

What will change with the update for Apple devices

Everyone who got the new version of the iPhone 14, had some adjustment problems regarding the changes. However, what caught our attention was the sequence of errors, such as failed backups, unresponsive functions, and frighteningly slow processing. Unfortunately, the number of complaints has not stopped rising, which requires effort from a brand that is among the most valuable in the world, which presents itself as a leader in the technology sector.

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What’s new in iOS 16.1

  • Fitness + in Brazil: The fitness app for Brazilians was released and now you don’t have to have it Apple WatchJust access your mobile to check plans that cost from R$29.90.
  • Application show: Show applications on the home screen in a drop-down manner, for example, Uber rides and notifications.
  • Pictures library: Sharing photos just got easier with Fototeca, a shared photo library between family and friends.

Update your iPhone

To access all patches, you need to update your operating system and not update all devices automatically. iOS 16.1. It is only compatible with newer models from the second generation iPhone SE and from iPhone 8 onwards, considering recent versions.

Go to Settings, select General, and click Software Update. Finish the procedure by selecting “Download and Install”, after checking the “Terms of Conditions” that you must accept for the release of mods.

More flexible design

The great grandmother of this new version of iPhone 14 Added to the capabilities of iOS 16.1 is associated with greater customization of the interface. The old device needed the ability to easily change the home screen, add widgets, and make the experience unique. This is slowly changing, due to the flexibility of adding different icons, changing colors, and even seeing the exact amount of battery left.