March 30, 2023

The general alert has just been issued to those who have the Caixa Tem app

Caixa Econômica Federal provides about R$ 3 billion from the Stopover Compensation Fund (FGTS) to be transferred to individuals through Sim Digital, from the Caixa Tem application.

In short, with Caixa Tem Empreendedor Credit, citizens get support for their small business, whether for maintenance or for starting a small business. This method is up to R$1,000, with excellent installment terms and reasonable interest rates.

How to apply for a loan of R$1,000?

Those interested can count on the following credit terms: an interest rate starting at 1.95% per month and a repayment period of up to 24 months. In addition, employment is easily possible through the application. However, it is important to note that it is necessary to update your data for this.

Here’s how to update the app:

  1. Go to your cell phone’s app store and download the latest version of Caixa Tem;
  2. open the application;
  3. have identity documents with photo, RG or CNH on hand;
  4. Login with your CPF number and password;
  5. On the main screen, click on the “Update Registry” option;
  6. To confirm, click OK, let’s get started.
  7. Verify that your address is correct and updated, and if everything is in order, confirm by clicking Yes;
  8. If the data is incorrect, edit it with the updated information;
  9. Next, tell where you were born and then answer a few questions that will appear on the screen;
  10. Once done, click Next;
  11. Check the entered data and click “Continue”;
  12. Finally, follow the instructions to upload your document images.

Now, check out how to contract credit:

  1. After the update, access the main page of the application;
  2. select “Caixa Tem credit contract”;
  3. Answer the test
  4. choose the credit amount;
  5. Choose the best installment payment date;
  6. choose the number of installments;
  7. Enter the password Caixa Tem and that’s it;
  8. It will be necessary to wait a few days for the fund to be evaluated.

I am negative, can I take the loan?

People who have a bad reputation with credit protection agencies like SPC or Serasa can also get the loan. However, for this purpose it is necessary that the parties involved fulfill the following conditions:

  • not have debts greater than R$3,000 with banks or finance companies by December 31;
  • MEI must have been active for at least 12 months;
  • MEI must provide personal documents and company documents;
  • Bolsa Família applicants must report their occupation and income, even if they are unemployed.

Open Caixa Tem via WhatsApp

  • Download the Caixa Tem app available for Android and iOS;
  • access your account using your CPF and password;
  • In the application menu, find the option “Liberar Access”;
  • The user will be redirected through the automatic help system. Click on the available icon and access the generated link to start a WhatsApp conversation;
  • Once done, just follow the instructions to submit the documents needed to unlock Caixa Tem.

According to Caixa, the procedure can take up to 48 hours to process. If access has not been released after this period, the indication is to search for a unit from the nearest institution. At that time, you have an official device authorization identification document.

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