February 27, 2024

The general alert is for all bank customers

With fraud increasing around this time of year, Nubank has developed a platform with the goal of reducing fraud and protecting its customers. Tips are given for users Protect accounts and cards, especially during this period. The site also instructs what to do if cell phones are lost.

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Fintech points out that the first step to take is to block Credit card. The measurement can be taken directly through the Nubank app or through the website. Users who are unable to access any of the above options should block them using this number: 0800 591 2117.

Nubank platform

a SOS shame It is a platform created by the bank so that its customers can access information on how to protect their accounts in the event of an emergency. The center collects information that can be used when citizens’ data is compromised, either through theft or fraud.

In this way, SOS Nu provides a step-by-step guide on how to connect to financial technology. There, it will be indicated, for example, what information will be needed in the process, how to send a police report and what other steps are needed to ensure the security of the account.

“We want our customers to be able to protect themselves and have easy access to what they need to know in this difficult time. We are always working to keep our customers safer, not only through our products and services but also Through informative and educational content.

Finally, the platform is not a substitute for customer service. It’s just a way to speed up the process protection data in case of unexpected situations. In this way, SOS Nu is just a guide that contains instructions on what to do according to the situation the user is facing, speeding up problem solving.